Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

EPISODE 0, PART 1 - The S.S. Ethridge Incident

Welcome to the debut of Ethernautica! This is a three part introduction to introduce our three main characters: Daisuke Hana, Rose Worthington, and Sir Ralph Maddock

In Episode 0, Part 1 - The S.S. Etheridge Incident, we meet Daisuke Hana on his voyage to the United States, but not everything is as it seems and trouble looms just around the corner. 

Set in an amalgam of Neo-Victorian and Lovecraftian worlds, combining the genres of Steampunk and Cosmic Horror, ETHERNAUTICA seeks to create a world of retro science fiction in a strange and exciting universe of both eldritch monstrosities and grand pulp adventure!

ETHERNAUTICA is a tabletop role-playing podcast that contains actual play of a home-brew game using the Cortex Classic game system. The game universe is an amalgam of the universe of the steampunk adventure game, Space: 1889, mixed with the creatures, beings and mythos from Call of Cthulhu.

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