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Zolah Kneesh
Non-Player Character

Zolah Kneesh portrait done by  Stylus

Zolah Kneesh portrait done by Stylus

Played by: GM

Voiced by: Novelty

Debut Episode: Episode 1, Season 2

Species: Canal Martian

Nationality: Tossian (Tossian Empire), Klathoom Caste

Birthday: 1865 (24 years old in 1889)

Character Background: Zolah Kneesh was born into slavery in the Tossian Empire and sold to a Klathoom house at an early age. The Klathoom tradition is similar in many ways to the Geisha tradition of Japan, or the professional courtesans of medieval Europe. Klathoomi receive a rigorous education in music, dance, games, seduction, conversation and other forms of hospitable entertainment for the Tossian elite. However, a small percentage, like Zolah, are also educated in the arts of espionage and assassination, for use by the Emperor and his ministers.

Raised in the tradition of the Tossian “Imperial Cult”, Klathoomi ardently believe the Emperor is a living god, and his word to be inviolable truth. Zolah believes strongly, if not in the exact, literal theology of the Cult, then at least in its principles of loyalty, pragmatism and aestheticism that the Cult espouses. To a Klathoomi, like the aesthetes of modern Europe, truth and beauty are two sides of the same coin. And, by extension, loyalty is truth toward one’s superior, and is therefore beautiful.

Fortunately for Mr and Mrs. Norton, Zolah found no reason to assassinate them when they visited Thymiamata, the Empire’s trade city with America. In fact, while watching the Nortons and their Pinkerton and Society egents while establishing themselves in the city, she observed them foiling a plot to assassinate a favoured minister of the Emperor’s, earning the Society, and the Nortons personally, the Emperor’s favour. As thanks, He “gifted” Zolah to the Nortons, and she is now a free woman in the Society’s employ, though Zolah considers herself to be, in the strictest sense, still in the service of the Emperor, and only be an extension of the Emperor’s will, in the service of Mr. and Mrs. Norton.


Strength: d8
Agility: d12
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d12
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d12+d2

Life Points: 18
Initiative: d12+d12


Athletics (Specialty: Dodge), Covert (Specialty: Stealth, Surveillance, Slight-of-Hand), Discipline, Influence (Specialty: Seduction), Knowledge, Linguistics, Labour (Specialty: Domestic), Mathematics, Perception, Performance (Specialty: Klathoom), Unarmed Combat (Specialty: Assassin)


Tossian (Native)
English (Fluent)
Koline (Fluent)
Noachan (Fluent)
Parhooni (Proficient)
Oenotrian (Proficient)
German (Proficient)
French (Proficient)