Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

 About the cast members

Double Deadline


Double Deadline is the GM and mastermind behind ETHERNAUTICA.

A bartender, writer and self proclaimed sci-fi snob, this man knows his 19th century popular literature and uses said knowledge to corrupt tropes and styles of the era to hilarious/horrifying effect. Huge Doctor Who nerd. Hard Science Fiction aficionado. Totally not a cannibal. Very much a human person.

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Stylus is a jack of all trades creative and fills the role of sound engineer for ETHERNAUTICA and all his other podcasts, videos, and stream projects. He has an unhealthy appreciation for DAD-level jokes and is always ready to talk shop for the next project be it a logo design, tabletop boardgame prototypes, or even voice acting. He voices the roles of Daisuke Hana and Dr. Jimmy Deen.


Kelly is the Communications Officer for ETHERNAUTICA and has voiced the roles of Rose Worthington and Alana Rodgers.

She has been playing tabletop RPGs since high school and was a member of a gaming club in college. Kelly also has experience with acting, improv, and techincal theater.

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