Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

 Marble Towers

Marble Towers is the fictional home of the Van Fleet family, located in the real life location of Lynn Woods, often called the most haunted woods in New England, on Dog Hill (42°28'55.1"N 70°58'45.7"W), a small area of land almost completely surrounded by Breed Pond and connected to a peninsula by a narrow spit of land. The grounds of the Van Fleet estate are inhabited, in the real world, by Gannon Municipal Golf Course.

The house itself is modeled after the Longwood Plantation House in Mississippi. The maps used for the game session were publicly available maps of this historic house passed out to the players ahead of time, with instruction that the labels on the basement plan should be ignored (aside from the measurements).