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John Leverton
NON-PLAYER character

John Leverton  (centre) before Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson and a London Constable (1885).

John Leverton (centre) before Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson and a London Constable (1885).

Played by: NPC

Debut Episode: Episode 2

Species: Human

Nationality: American (United States of America, State of New York)

Birthday: May 10, 1843 (44 years old in 1889)

Character Background: John Leverton, of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, is a well known tracker, rifleman and detective. Most famously, Mr Leverton was the one to put the terrifying and unfortunate Long Island Cave Mystery to rest, and has been known to work with Sherlock Holmes at times.

Since that first encounter on Long Island (in the Bahamas), where John Leverton proved instrumental in defeating the minor Science Pirate, Howard Broome, John Leverton is considered an expert consultant when dealing with Science Pirates.

Mr Leverton is a crude but cunning man, hatchet-faced and not known to work well with others. He has most recently been employed as a consultant for the Edison Electric Company, and it was his influence which formed the founding principles of the Port Progress Police Precinct.

John Leverton wields, situations permitting, a lever-action Winchester rifle, and, even if situations are not permitting, usually carries a Colt Single-Action Army revolver and large bowie knife secreted about his person.


Strength: d6
Agility: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d8
Willpower: d6

Life Points: 12
Initiative: d6+d8


Covert (Specialty: Surveillance, Streetwise), Guns, Influence, Knowledge, Math, Perception (Specialty: Tracking, Intuition), Unarmed Combat


English, American (Native)
Bahamianese (Proficient)
Italian (Proficient)