Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

Keith "SPARKS" Cooper
ALTERNATE character


Played by: Mike

Debut Episode: Episode 11

Species: Human

Nationality: American (American Empire)

Birthday: April 2, 1890 (39 in 1929)

Character Background: Specialist Keith Cooper was a Marine through and through, dropping into the worst hot-spots along the American Empire's expansion frontier during the Second Imperial Expansion. But after the fall of the German Free-State on Venus, Spc. Keith Cooper was discharge for reasons of psychological instability, after several million dollars of damage to American Imperial Military facilities were incurred after numerous explosions of non-ordnance, non-flammable military equipment.

Keith "Sparks" Cooper, because of his combat specialization as an explosives and demolitions expert, has developed a subconscious compulsion to build explosives - possibly related to a previous case of "shell shock", or "campaign fatigue" as it is now called by Imperial military physicians.

He has found, however, a niche for his skills at extreme demolition in the radium and duranium mines of Barnard's planet, and his skills at rapid repair and refurbishment, when he can resist the urge to build explosives into the works, have proven to be extremely useful.

Currently, Shipton Goodstar has been working on a scheme to put Spark's skills with engineering, as well as explosives, to work, starting with one very special assignment...


Strength: d6
Agility: d8
Vitality: d12
Alertness: d4
Intelligence: d4
Willpower: d8

Life Points: 20
Initiative: d12+d4


Athletics, Covert (Specialty: Stealth), Engineering, Heavy Weapons (Specialty: Explosives, Rocket Launcher), Knowledge, Technician (Specialty: Fabrication, Machinery), Mathematics, Perception (Specialty: Smell), Science (Specialty: Chemistry)


English, American (Native)
German (Proficient)