Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

Rose Worthington
Player Character

Rose Worthington portrait done by Stylus

Played by: Kelly

Debut Episode: Episode 0, Part 2 

Species: Human

Nationality: American (United States of America, Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

Birthday: February 28, 1862 (27 years old in 1889)

Character Background: Rose Anabelle Worthington is a well-educated adventuress from Boston, Massachusetts born in the year 1862. She is an amateur physicist with a driving curiosity of how the universe works, which takes her on adventures all over the globe and beyond.  

She travels the solar system from time to time with her good friend Margaret Van Fleet

Her latest adventure finds her in the company of two unusual men with mysterious pasts: Daisuke Hana and Sir Ralph Maddock


Strength: d8
Agility: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d8

Life Points: 14
Initiative: d6+d8


Athletics (Specialty: Dodge), Guns, Knowledge, Mathematics, Melee Weapon (Specialty: Sword), Perception (Specialty: Investigation), Science (Specialty: Physics), Survival, and Unarmed Combat (Specialty: English Boxing).


English, American (Native)
German (Proficient)

Rose's journal entries

Below are images of Rose Worthington's journal entries. As the story progresses, there may be SPOILER information contained within.