Ethernautica is an actual play podcast featuring actual gameplay of a Space 1889/Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

Daisuke Hana
player character

Daisuke Hana portrait done by  Stylus

Daisuke Hana portrait done by Stylus

Played by: Stylus

Debut Episode: Episode 0, Part 1 

Species: Human

Nationality: Japanese (Empire of Japan)

Birthday: June 8, 1858 (30 years old in 1889)

Character Background: Daisuke Hana (aka: Tanaka, Oscar Meyer, Murder Hobo) is a man of simple needs and a very direct skill set. Growing up as a performer with his twin brother, Genki Hana, for theatrical martial arts and gymnastic spectacles, they quickly drew the attention of a local organized crime syndicate, the Black Talon, as a flashy and nearly untouchable pair of enforcers.

Daisuke is currently on the run from his brother who he believes still resides in Japan. Their falling out has something to do with a life long rivarly between his brother and himself, a large bottle of sacred wine, a kilo of unknown grey powder, and a ruined wedding dress. 

Recently he has taken to killing people beside two jaded adventurers and one rock. 


Strength: d8
Agility: d10
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d6
Willpower: d8

Life Points: 14
Initiative: d6+d10


Athletics (Specialty: Gymnastics), Discipline (Specialty: Concentration, Intimidation), Influence, Linguistics, Melee Weapons (Specialty: Knives), Ranged Weapons, Unarmed Combat (Specialty: Kung-Fu)


Japanese (Native)
English (Proficient)